Nerella is dedicated to help you discover the Artist Within and to enhance Self Knowledge in the form of unique drawing and painting workshops. These events are designed for adults, 18 and over.

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Most of us believes that we cannot grasp objects or portraits with a pencil or a brush. We mostly think that it is a matter of manual skills, which we don’t have.

The truth is that our fears, expectations and logical thinking prevent us from expressing our creativity. Drawing and painting is not the matter of manual skills. If you can write you have all the skills to start with. We will enhance the way you see things in order to be able to draw and paint them.

Everyone receives special personal attention, yet the essentials are the same and  so all beginner and advanced students are welcome for private and group sessions as well.

Classical and modern art techniques are both used on the workshops. Many directives, techniques and exercises we use are founded by great artists like Paul Cézanne, Albrecht Dürer, Kimon Nicolaides, Johannes Itten and others. Self-knowledge arises gradually just by listening to short lectures and in interactive conversations throughout the workshops. This composite of conscious and physical activities makes these programs very unique, extremely powerful, lasting and visibly effective in a short time. You can discover hidden artistic and creative skills in just a matter of days. Arising self-knowledge can transform your entire life. It is possible for you, too.

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What matters in the drawing and painting?
In order to draw or paint, first you have to “really see” what is there, in front of you, instead of the pictures and thoughts your mind recalls from your memory.

How our vision works:
We all see the world in our own ways. Our subconscious emotions, thoughts and believe system alter reality so we see our surroundings and ourselves through our own “mentally-colored glasses”.

How can we change this narrowed vision, what is the key?
When recognizing and stopping holding on to these old and false images we can learn to perceive things the way they really are so we can easily draw and paint each shape and color.

How fast is it?
The classes are very unique, extremely powerful and visibly effective in a short time – in just a matter of days. Just like bike-riding, what you learn here you will never really forget, although practice makes it better. Because what you saw until now is not what you have to draw because you did not even see it. You only saw ideas your mind projected onto them. Here you can learn how to see and than you can draw and paint what has always been there: the space.

To learn about personal consultations, lectures and how to Transform Your Life independently from the Art Workshops, visit



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