It is always a great pleasure to receive wonderful feedbacks from the participants. It makes me be grateful for having the capacity to work with those who plan to grow by what I share and teach. Thank you for being part of my life and adding to my growth, aswell.

Testimonial - drawing workshop class orlando - http://art.nerella.org


“It is unbelievable that I am able to do this! Completing this drawing was an uplifting experience. Shocking that a face just aroused on a flat surface.
Agnes (28)”

“I wanted to learn how to draw and I learned how to “see” (lights and shadows). When you face yourself you see what is it you have to do differently in order to feel good about yourself. I feel that I just have to practice the drawing now. “Seeing differently” thought me how to focus on myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Kathy (58)

“I’ve always longed to be able to draw but I never had a sense of achievement. This workshop enabled me to do something that aroused hope in me that I am capable to doing other “seemingly impossible” things, too.”
Olga (33)

“What did I receive from you? A few days ago I just thought that I was going to have a good time and perhaps I was going to learn to draw again. That I will strengthen my instinct. Nevertheless a few hours past full of struggle. The same struggle that I experience in my every days. And when I noticed afterwords it was fantastic: I did it! I managed to experience a unique approach that I have never had. The biggest joy wasn’t that I can draw now but that I am capable of it now. Thank you very much! Because now I know what I know and I know what I want. Thank you.
Tiffany (43)

“Thank you for paying so much attention to me. It gave me such a power. I never thought that I could paint and I did it!”
Eva (67)

“I thought I was going to just learn how to draw, but instead I got to know myself. I started to trust myself, realized that lovable people exist, who feel similarly like me. I lost myself… and I got myself! The real me who knows that she is worthy of something and I am a Woman! I also got a sense of achievement, that I am capable of something I never thought I would be. Thank you.”
Anett (33)

“I am glad that I participated on the workshop. The drawings show well how much richer and more conscious I become .
Aaron (65)

“I did not only learn to to draw and paint but I got introduced to my self. This is so wonderful. To see that I can live my life the way I always wanted… and I got a new hobby, too!”
Thomas (32)





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