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It was at dawn, I woke up.
I was sitting timelessly in the middle of my mind.
Cavalcade of spinning shadows rumbled around me,
And the waives of my thoughts started twirls of dance.
Theatre on the silent stage of peace,
Telling me the dream of my life I have been living – without words.
If I put my self to dream, everything can turn into reality in my soul, again.
To dream that takes me back to the far-away dimness…

And then I woke up.
I was sitting timelessly in the middle of my mind.
Cavalcade of spinning shadows rumbled around me,
And the light in the middle of the circle, my heart was burning only, as a shining point.
Silence started to speak at that moment:
Silent peace crawling in the deep has turned up the slob of my soul.

And then I woke up.
I was sitting timelessly in the middle of Silence.
Cavalcade of spinning shadows were dying around me,
And I just enjoyed the shiny silence in the middle of the circle.

Immortal beauty, sweet warmth –
Raving storm, lightening drift –
Everything I ever wanted to be,
Everything I could ever be.

Existence on the blood-red sea of power of silence,
Existence in the only infinite middle of the world.
Being hugged in immortal beauty, joy and pleasures,
I am yours, I’ll vanish in this moment, I’ll vanish in the awake pleasures.

And then awareness has awakened…

Looking in the mirror seeing itself everywhere.
Its’ dawn-dream has faded away to a far distance, elsewhere.
Pervading infinity there is gratitude and love,
Pouring through and falling without stopping, falling just through all.


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To my Father
Father’s Day, 2014


Hold my hands how I remember,
Warm me up like there was here!
Thinking of you still feels tender ,
My heart beats and finds you near.

Secure comfort of your two hands
And gentle smile on your face;
Took me to see how the world spans,
Showed me all that’s nice with grace.

Arts, the living world around us:
You made sure that I learned all;
You were never tired to stay up,
Told me beautiful fable.

Tell me again, say it that your
Life is nice and you enjoy it!
Still holding each other’s hands now!
Still know: I love you, and feel it!


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Pearl Rose


To my mother from far away
Mother’s Day, 2002


What could I give you? What is that one thing that I could ship to you from so far away that remains the same I’ve sent it from here?
Something that could further intensify the power of endless love between the two of us?
Space and time cannot stand between us.
I love you a hundred times more than that.
What could I give you?

I could say, thank you.
Thank you that I have always been the first in your thoughts in half of your lifetime and I could also add that we tell you this both.
I could say, thank you that you gave me life and that you have brought me up.

I could say, thank you for the first heartbeat of yours that rocked my soft cradle in the depth of your body.
I could say, thank you that I was able to see you first and that I could laugh out loud for the first time from the warm embrace of your arms.

I could say, thank you for the first touch and when you smiled at me for the last time when we said goodbye.
I could say, thank you for all your loving care what you have given me throughout all these long years.
And those moments we lived through with laughter.

You let me go on the path and yet you have always been with me.
I catch sight of you when I look into the mirror because as you did once carry me in yourself I also carry you in me.
You will always stay with me because space and time cannot stand between us.

You and me are one, sharing the endless sweet joy of existence.
We are stretching on the carpet of infinity inhaling that endless love that embraces the universe.
It is flowing into us in every moment, we are one with it.

This is the prime material that fills and ties every molecule, every soul – connecting the two of us now into one, as well. You and me are That. Everything that exists. Every millimeter of space binds us together.

There are no walls because the walls were made of the same material millions of years ago.
We are together, here in the present moment and there is no reason to suffer. Because there are no odds, there is nothing to lose and nothing to win either.
Yours is all the flowers of the world, all the kisses and all the hugs, all the gratitude and tears in the eyes; what else could I give you then?


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Look at me



Be a child again, play and create new game rules for yourself. The main rule: whatever happens you must be the winner of your life. Dream a life and allow it to get fulfilled. Nothing can be forced and you can stop whatever you want halfway. There is as many space on the infinite amount of pages of the big book of life as many you wish. Write it full with fun fables!


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Your words – just like your eyes
Radiate love that’s endless,
And you know it well, they’ll leave a mark in my soul forever, the deepest.

The presence of the moment has adjudged the shine of our eyes to perpetuity,
And placed the rapture of our sweet love into presence,  into infinity.

This feeling is free, cloudless, flying,
High in here. The inner most here.

Creation in the sea of imagination,
And experience in the mirrors of our minds.

There is one in common in all, the unchanging:
The observer, that is even in more bodies undividable.

Happiness is free of me and of you, as well,
Still, in our heart it melts us together.

This seeing includes everyone and everything,
And when you open your eyes, the misbelief just disappears.

The one thing you’re attached to is not a single person,
So neither can be me and nor can that be you.

The feeling is the one that restrains you if you let it,
Or, to just flow trough you in every moment, you can allow it.

Words are disappearing in silence, here in this beauty,
But I know, you see this mystery, and in it you also see me.

Distance only exists in space, and even that only the mind presumes,
So allow  just easily evaporate all doubts and questions of yours.

The moment in which you have sighted your self in my eyes
Is still alive, it’s still the same, no matter what happened since than.

You don’t have to say goodbye, or at least not to me,
Because what’s the same in us has never started and will not end either.

Infinity of love accommodates everything and everyone,
No one can limit it, it turns your face into many directions.

Thank you that I could sight MySelf in your eyes,
Thank you that I could make sure that infinity directly within me lies.

Now, when I look around with open heart, every man and every women,
The living beings and the objects, all the thoughts and all desires,
Are in my heart along with you in this love that just grows and continues.


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Unconditional love is nothing else but pure enjoyment of the everlasting moment…


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