Drawing Beginner | 4 days

Spring Special!

-Small Group Setting: $1000 → now $800 / person, plus materials $30
-Private Setting: $1500 → now $1200 / person, plus materials $30


drawing workhop class orlando portrait - http://art.nerella.org

Day 1 and Day 3

    • Fundamentals of drawing
    • Line drawing, shading, proportions, angles, shapes
  • Use of various drawing tools
  • Perspective, still life, portrait drawings
  • Enhance self-knowledge and creativity
  • Prerequisite: none; 18 and over only
  • Gallery

drawing workshop class orlando draw classroom - http://art.nerella.org

Drawing the second portrait on day 3

For the drawing we don’t count on manual skills. People tend to believe that who doesn’t have good manual skills cannot draw. Of course it is not true. A lot more people have good manual skills than the number of who are active artists. Even if it sound strange, the secret to drawing lays in the point of view. In order to have someone’s point of view changed, self-knowledge must deepen and the understanding of how one is operating from within. This process also starts on the 4 day drawing course. Instead of learning how to draw participants learn to see, while the “longed-for art pieces” get completed.

drawing workhop class orlando shoes - http://art.nerella.org

Students are always fascinated by their own results at the end of day 1

Self-discovery is the basis of the workshop which anyone can experience on the practical level through drawing. People think and act based on their emotions. And as long as their emotions lead their actions, those emotions effect the way they see how themselves, others and the world operates. As soon as someone recognizes their own emotions, they can see how things really work. While drawing, emotions lead someone’s hand every time. Even the way someone holds the pencil, the way they draw lines, even that reflects emotions. Seeing the lines appear on the paper emotions start to arise in the person drawing and they react with parallel emotional reactions. So instead of the hand the emotion takes charge. With other words it means that with drawing only one single line the appearing emotional reaction – which is discontent raising from fear and self-doubt – shuts off one’s ability to draw.

drawing workshop class orlando crumpled paper - http://art.nerella.org

Creased paper: exercise perceiving lights and shadows on day 2

Based on our brain’s logical thinking, our belief that we cannot draw is obvious. But drawing has nothing to do with thinking and beliefs. The goal of this 4 day drawing is so that our belief-system doesn’t obstruct our creativity. So participants do exercises which seem to be drawing but is basically a tool for our thinking mind to rest and allows our attunement to take place. But before the habitual emotions smooth down the participant will have to face them. They have to cafe those emotions that are present in their every day life activities. This is the behavioral pattern which characterizes one’s personality. So the participant gets into conflict with their own opinion of themselves.

drawing workhop class orlando self portraits - http://art.nerella.org

Self portraits completed on day 4

While in the every day life a person can take a by-pass from “seeing their own attitude” by doing various excuses, on the paper they have to face themselves. The war of rationality and creativity can take place in the person while drawing. So how does our life work? Sitting in front of the piece of paper with a pencil in our hand we can get the answer. This answer helps us to reveal our personality, our beliefs and to free our creativity. We will have a different approach to other desired things, too, like the pleasure of creating something, music, dance, and other arts. Last but not the least the art of drawing evolves in front of us. We can discover that what we believed in until now – that we cannot draw – disappears in these four days.




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