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Nerella Toth

Visual Art Teacher
Certified Consultant Facilitator
Life Coach

“My passion is to help people become creative and self-confident creators in their professional and personal life. With my guidance we find and enhance their hidden values and skills through art and self-discovery. I am an Art Teacher, a Certified Consultant Facilitator and a Life Coach with 20 years of experience. Using a unique system I put together and have been successful helping many participants and clients bring out their full potentials. I happily share all the information about the workshops with you, so more and more of us can experience the wonders and the breathtaking results of Art and Self-Discovery.”

Nerella has received art training from various teachers in Europe and in the United States, as well. The first time she started to apply non-traditional art techniques was in 1998. She has been studying and writing about psychology, the human behavior and self-inquiry since the age of 16.

She has helped thousands of people change their lives in the past 20 years by consulting, coaching and teaching them. Guiding them in a gentle, yet explicit way, many of them have started a new, creative, and a healthy lifestyle. They are successful in their business, family relationships, romantic life, and they improved their artistic skills.

She offers Private, Group event for Individuals and Companies. For information on private and company-arranged events and please contact her directly.

There are those who want to be great at creating art pieces and to provide the best service for their clients. Then there are those who simply want to widen the range of their activities by getting a new hobby. And of course there are those who use it as a unique and powerful tool for their path of self-realization.

Most participants are surprised by the outcome comparing to where they started from. She is dedicated to help her clients and students to reach what they are aiming for and finds seeing their  smiles heart-warming as they advance on the workshops.

She is Based in Central Florida and happily Travels to Your Home Town. Please contact her today to talk about how you can arrange the next event with together or register completing the registration form.



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